Junior’s Cheesecake Cookbook



50 To-Die-For Recipes of New York-Style Cheesecake For nearly six decades, cheesecake-lovers have made the pilgrimage to Junior’s restaurant for legendary dreamy, creamy slices. But now you don’t need to trek to Brooklyn for “to-die-for” cheesecake because you can whip up these cakes right in your own kitchen with the help of Junior’s Cheesecake Cookbook.



Alan Rosen, the grandson of Junior’s founder, reveals the very recipe that made Junior’s reputation — the Original New York Cheesecake, unchanged since. But that’s just the start. There’s Banana Fudge, Lemon Coconut, Strawberry Parfait, Brownie Swirl cheesecake…well, you get the idea…50 fabulous reasons to indulge.

    • Cheesecake 101 — a course-in-a-chapter. See how a little “babying” (a water bath, keeping cooling cakes out of drafts) goes a long way to ensuring crust and filling perfection. Includes a trouble-shooting chart, and wonderful garnish and flourish how-to’s.
    • Junior’s Favorites — the “original,” plain and wonderful, then mounded with fresh fruit, glistening with glaze, laden with crunch, swirled with chocolate, pumpkin, even peanut butter and jelly
    • “Reasons to Celebrate” — Cherry Heart, Easter Egg, Christmas Tree, Stars & Stripes…festive cheesecakes for every occasion
    • Did somebody say “chocolate?” Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Chocolate Crunch, Candy Bar Explosion…need we say more?