Lamar Jackson: Ravens need to start strong, not just rely on fourth-quarter comebacks

Prior to this season, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson had led two fourth-quarter comebacks in his entire career. This season, Jackson has already led four fourth-quarter comebacks in just eight games.

That Jackson has proven himself capable of directing game-winning drives is good, but that the Ravens have needed so many game-winning drives in the fourth quarter is not. And Jackson acknowledged today that he doesn’t know why the Ravens have started so slowly so often that they’ve needed to win so many games in the fourth quarter.

“We got to play the whole game the same way — start strong and finish strong,” Jackson said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

The 6-2 Ravens have gotten lucky in some of their close wins. The Chiefs appeared poised to beat the Ravens in Week Two before losing a fumble in field goal range in the final moments. The Lions appeared poised to beat the Ravens in Week Three before the officials missed a delay of game prior to Baltimore’s game-winning 66-yard field goal. And the Ravens’ Week Five win over the Colts and Week Nine win over the Vikings both went to overtime.

The Ravens have given fans a lot of excitement late in games, but Jackson wouldn’t mind a few more wins that give him the chance to run out the clock in the fourth quarter.