‘My sister wants to name her baby the same as my son – they’re due weeks apart’

Picking out a name for your child is an incredibly big decision – after all, it’s a name they will live with for the rest of their lives.

Some people find it really difficult to land on the right name, whereas others just instinctively know what they will name their baby.

One expecting couple fell into the latter category, and were so sure they’d found the perfect name for their son that they decided to announce his name on the very same day they announced the baby’s gender, at the end of the first trimester.

“My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and we’re due in just a few weeks. When we first announced our pregnancy to our family after the first trimester (20+ weeks ago), we also announced our baby’s gender AND his name,” the mum-to-be explained on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“My sister and her husband have been trying to conceive their third kid for the last five years, however, due to some complications in her previous pregnancy, they have had to do several rounds of IVF.”

The woman’s sister ended up falling pregnant just five weeks after her and later discovered she will also be welcoming a little boy, leading the sisters to get so excited at the prospect of their sons growing up as best friends.

“Everything was going pretty great until a few weeks ago. My mom decided to come to visit me to help me get the nursery ready, and mentioned that my sister had really liked the name my husband and I picked for our baby and that she had decided to take it,” the mum-to-be continued.

“My mom then asked me what my husband and I would change our baby’s name to since it would be too confusing to have two grandkids with the same name. I told my mom that we were NOT changing the name of our baby since our hearts were set on it, and we wouldn’t have announced it if we weren’t sure.”

The mum-to-be later received an angry call from her sister, who said that because this was their miracle baby, she should get “first dibs” on whatever name they wanted.

“I told her that she can name her baby whatever she wants, but that we’re not changing our minds about our baby’s name,” she added, before turning to Reddit to question whether she was justified in refusing to change her baby’s name.

One Reddit user commented: “Your sister is acting like the world revolves around her. I bet shes going to throw a meltdown if your kid is cuter.

“If you have a baby shower she will be mad because how dare you have a baby shower and take all the attention off her and her miracle baby! Or you’ll be gifted some item she really wanted at your own baby shower and she will take it from you as she has ‘dibs’.”

Another added: “You announced it first, sister is an a**hole for stealing it without even talking to you. But, I do hope it’s a name that can have a nickname, for the kids sake. It’d be too much confusion otherwise.”