Man makes gourmet meals for his puppy including lobster and wagyu steak

A professional chef has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the luxurious meals he creates for his puppy, including lobster rolls and wagyu steak.

Sean MacDonald, 30, a chef from Toronto, Canada, lives with his 11-month-old puppy, Hazelnut – who eats better than most humans.

The doting dog owner spends a few thousands of pounds on his pooch every year, feeding her meals that have TikTok users drooling.

His fantastic dishes such as foie gras, puppy-friendly sushi and rack of lamb have seen the chef rack up 2.6 million likes for his videos, as well as 110,000 dedicated followers.

Hazelnut’s first-ever human-inspired meal was a plate of A5 wagyu ribeye steak, pea puree and carrots.

“I spent a lot on the first wagyu meal – but she’s my baby and she comes first before me,” Sean said.

“I think her most luxurious meal has recently been beef with foie gras, bone marrow, truffle and lobster.

“I research everything before I feed it to her and I make sure it’s safe for dogs.

“These are all treat meals and I feed her a well-balanced diet of raw meat, vegetables and high-quality dog food.”

Sean later uploaded the dish to TikTok where, overnight, the video gained up over 500,000 views.

Sean first became interested in cooking when he was just 14 but didn’t start his career as a chef until five years later.

He said: “I would help my mum with making dinner and I would always look forward to meals more than anything else.

“I enrolled in a culinary school and travelled around the world, working under different chefs and was very studious with cookbooks.

“The process of making the food and putting care and attention to detail throughout is what I love the most.”

Overwhelmed but thrilled with the reaction from people on TikTok, he continued to post more videos, with their most popular attracting 1.7 million views and over 453,000 likes.

In the clip, a tiny Hazelnut wags her tail and licks her lips, excited at the thought of her gourmet meal to come.

The dish comprises poached prawns and celery, covered in a broth made from prawn shells, roasted celery and peanut.

Hazelnut is clearly a fan, happily lapping up every last bit.

One person commented: “Ok I understand the point of this video is you making your dog good food, but I would genuinely die for her.”

Another wrote: “Your dog eating better than me.”

“Meanwhile I give my dog two extra treats and his poops are weird for days,” said a third.

“I just ate a crunch wrap supreme and your dog is eating Michelin star quality food,” someone else commented.

Despite receiving a few negative comments, Hazelnut has built a loyal following and has even been puppy-spotted in real life, while out on daily walks.

Sean added: “People will stop us in the street and say, ‘Is that baby puppy Hazelnut?’ and I’ve had people yell from car windows and others who have named their puppies after her.

“I started to do this frequently because I realised how much people enjoyed watching them and it was more toward posting something positive and fun for people to watch during Covid.

“If we could make someone smile, we were doing something good and she’s grown up to be a very happy and healthy pup.”