NFLPA President JC Tretter says players would support removing taunting point of emphasis

The NFL says it factored players’ views into the decision to make taunting a point of emphasis this season. But Browns center JC Tretter, who is the president of the players’ union, says the players don’t want it.

The NFL Players Association tweeted a quote from Tretter saying that he personally attended an offseason competition committee meeting to discuss the taunting point of emphasis, and that he and his fellow players don’t agree with it.

“I can assure you, as an attendee of the competition committee meeting myself, we would support the removal of this point of emphasis [on taunting] immediately,” Tretter said.

The NFLPA tweet came in response to a tweet from NFL Executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent, who claimed that the point of emphasis came after a collaboration with players. The NFLPA is disputing that there was any meaningful collaboration.

Taunting has been a hot topic in the NFL all season, but it boiled over on Monday night, when Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh was called for a highly questionable taunting penalty that handed the Steelers an automatic first down after a crucial Bears third down stop late in the game.